Subsea Robotics

ROV’s, also known as remotely operated vehicles, are essentially underwater robots. ROV’s are unoccupied, highly maneuverable underwater machines that can be used to explore ocean depths and perform complex tasks, while being operated by someone at the water surface. ROV’s are used to replace humans to increase safety and efficiency, when there is a need to work in deep water for longer periods of time. Most ROV’s are fitted with powerful manipulators that can grab heavy objects, function valves, and even handle rigging. These incredible machines are used across many different industries, from oil development, scientific research to underwater engineering.

Operating Valves Subsea

When operating valves in a subsea environment, there are several options. The use of electric, hydraulic, and/or manual actuation is most common. The type of actuation is always dependent on the system and the application. FITOK provides a wide range of subsea valve products that are capable of being functioned with any of the traditional and preferred methods. For manual and ROV manipulated valves, FITOK provides an API 17H compliant valve handle that meets the operating standards of ROV manipulators and ROV interface tooling, called paddle assemblies. This style of handle is used for subsea ball valves, needle valves, and subsea systems, that allow an ROV to function the valve. The material used is a high-grade stainless steel that has excellent corrosion resistance and strength for the harsh subsea environment. Equipped with a limit design, the paddle assembly prevents ROV over-torque from affecting the normal use of the valve. With a modular approach, the paddle design will work with nearly every brand and configuration of subsea instrument valves on the market.

Paddle Valve

Manufacturing Strength

FITOK Group is committed to developing and producing high-quality fluid and gas system products. We use specially crafted raw material, strictly control the manufacturing process, and adopt design and testing standards that exceed the industry standards. FITOK’s superior product performance is the result of detailed quality control and a relentless pursuit of manufacturing excellence. At present, FITOK products are made at manufacturing bases in the United States, Germany, and China. Over the years, subsea valve products developed by FITOK have been successfully used on a range of equipment and projects, and have won the approval and recognition of operators and service contractors all over the world.

The latest addition of a manufacturing base in the U.S. has expanded the Groups production, testing, and, delivery capabilities with subsea products and recently supported a large contract for subsea control panels.

Subsea Ball Valve

Subsea Ball Valve Production

Referenced Standard

• Industry Standard API 17H Specifications for ROV Interface Tooling

How to order?

To order valves with paddle assembly, add “-PAD” to the valve ordering number. Example: 20SBSS-MF4-4-1-PAD.

If customers need to order the paddle assembly separately, please refer to the catalog or contact FITOK Group.

For more information on FITOK Subsea Products, please review the product catalog, visit our website and click on subsea products, or contact us directly and a member of our team will reach you soon.