In the realm of fluid systems, purity is paramount, especially in environments with oxygen-enriched atmospheres. FITOK’s Special Cleaning and Packaging Process Specifications, including the FC-02 and Grease-Free (FOG) standards, address the unique challenges posed by such atmospheres. These protocols ensure that components meet the highest standards of cleanliness, minimising the risk of contamination and maximising operational efficiency.

Oxygen-enriched atmospheres, with concentrations exceeding 23.5% oxygen by volume, demand meticulous attention to lubrication standards. Non-flammable as it may be, oxygen serves as a potent accelerant, necessitating stringent measures for materials used in such environments. FITOK addresses these challenges with its specialised Special Cleaning and Packaging Process Specification (FC-02) and Grease-Free Special Cleaning and Packaging Process Specification (FOG).

Impact of the FOG Process on Products:

The FOG process, born from customer demand, mandates the absence of lubricants on wetted surfaces to meet high-purity requirements. While ensuring purity, this approach alters product dynamics, necessitating adjustments in maximum working pressures for valves. For instance, our BO series straight ball valves see a decline from 3000 psig to 500 psig under FOG specifications, ensuring safety and performance alignment.

Selection Considerations:

FITOK’s FOG process prompts meticulous consideration of seat materials due to varying friction coefficients. While materials like PEEK offer superior mechanical strength, their higher friction coefficients necessitate prioritising alternatives like PTFE for optimal performance under FOG standards.

With FITOK’s comprehensive range of cleaning and packaging standards, including FC-02 and FOG, NVFCL empowers customers to navigate oxygen-enriched atmospheres confidently.

By aligning products with stringent specifications, we ensure safety, reliability, and performance excellence in every operation.