Our Services

Site Installation Services

Working at your premises, our partner companies are able to perform specialist pipework installations either as a welded system or as a mechanical installation employing compression fittings such as a twin ferrule system. We offer a full installation service from the commissioning of panels and cabinets to a complete turnkey solution.

We utilise engineers who are extensively trained and report to our site managers who oversee each project. Where possible we will provide a fully equipped portable workshop and material store whilst on site to ensure your project is completed with minimum disruption and inconvenience.

Our skilled installation teams are available to meet your requirements however stringent. They have extensive experience with installations in the general range of ¼” (6mm) to 4″ (100mm) tubing in standard high purity, ultra high purity and electro-polished finishes to our own, as well as your designs. As well as this, they are also familiar with dual containment systems suitable for toxic, flammable and pyrophoric gases.

Once installation is complete, we will provide a full documentation package containing leak and pressure test certificates, material certificates, welder qualifications and weld map drawings, so you can be assured that all work carried out by us is of a remarkably high standard.

Panels & Cabinets

Our partner company is able to design, manufacture and install point of use panels, gas cabinets and bottle panels. Their design expertise and attention to quality ensure that all panels and cabinets are supplied with the highest quality components. All components are mounted on a brushed stainless steel panel manufactured in a workshop environment.

Work strictly to your design and specification can also be undertaken. This includes totally welded systems, or systems that utilize tube compression fittings. Panels can be manufactured to an ultra high purity standard in a cleanroom environment or a standard instrumentation panel can be provided.


Locating the correct materials on time and within budget can and will have an overall effect on the success or failure of your project no matter how small, large or complex. Having the skill, experience and knowledge to locate materials and negotiating terms is sometimes difficult and requires the services of an experienced and professional team.

Here at Northern Valve & Fitting Co Ltd we have the experience of over 25 years of industrial knowledge to share with our customers. We have also built a robust relationship with the experts in the advancement of fluid systems allowing us to call upon that knowledge base whenever needed. Cost reductions are achievable through open and honest communications with the client and supply chain.

Product Specification

Whenever the goals are safety, reliability and cost effectiveness – sourcing the right product for your specific application is the key to success. Northern Valve & Fitting Co Ltd engineers will assist you to specify the appropriate product to meet your exact needs and avoid unneeded risks and costs.

Application Consulting

Engineering and application support is one of Northern Valve & Fitting Co Ltd key services. Contact us directly and get our expert knowledge and advice to assist you with the optimization of your application.

Special Products & Application Design

Use our flexibility to meet your own requirements. Years of production and engineering experience is available to support your special needs for non standard products and sub-systems. Call us directly and get the appropriate engineering contact.

Consignment & Stock Management

Let us take care of your components, stock and deliveries. Stock management and consignment agreements are available for customers as part of Northern Valve & Fitting Co Ltd customer service. We actively monitor our own internal stock usage daily so that we stock more of the parts our customers are using, so that all our customers have access to more products instantly!

Material Certification, Quality & Traceability

All FITOK products supplied by Northern Valve & Fitting Co Ltd are fully traceable down to the raw material “Heat Code”. Raw material test certificates are available upon request. Other test reports and quality certifications are available upon request.