Atomic Layer Deposition, ALD Series


Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a method of applying thin films to various substrates with atomic scale precision. As chip node dimensions are continuously shrinking, traditional deposition techniques have reached their limits. Depositing ultra-thin layers at the nanoscale requires Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology, which allows materials to be deposited one atomic layer at a time. ALD series diaphragm valves are used to deliver precise doses of gases during the deposition process used to create semiconductor chips.


  • Ultrahigh cycle life with high-speed actuation
  • Quick response capable of valve opening or closing time of less than 5 ms
  • Thermal actuator extends the life in applications where the body is heated
  • Contained seat to provide excellent resistance to swelling and contamination
  • Elgiloy diaphragm to provide high strength and corrosion resistance to ensure long cycle life
  • High-purity grade PFA seat with broad range of chemical compatibility
  • Minimum particle generation and dead space facilitate purging
  • Valves with inductive sensors, solenoid valve assemblies, heater cartridge and thermocouple holes are available

Technical Data


Suitable for atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes in the following semiconductor fields

  • High-K dielectrics and metal gate
  • MEMS
  • Optoelectronic materials and devices
  • Integrated circuit interconnect line diffusion barrier
  • Flat panel display (organic light emitting diode material, OLED)
  • Optical element
  • Solar cell
  • Various types of films (<100 nm)

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