BLC3 – Fixed Volume Type with Heating/Cooling Jacket


  • Sampling from vacuum, low or high pressure devices or process lines
  • Fixed volume sampling
  • Sampling with a piston valve to ensure zero dead volume
  • Sampling for highly viscous liquids
  • Heating/cooling jacket to ensure sampling within a certain range of temperature
  • Needle purge

Basic Configuration

Typical Installation Mode


1 – Preparation: place a new septum on the sample bottle. Insert the bottle with cap and septum into the sleeve until the septum is pierced by the needles. Swing down the bottle retaining clip.
2 – Pre-sampling: open the piston valve, allowing the sample to flow into the sample chamber. The amount of sample depends on the sample chamber volume and process pressure. Close the piston valve.
3 – Heating/Cooling: allow the heating/cooling fluid to flow through the heating/cooling jacket. Hold for a sufficient time until the sample reaches the required temperature.
4 – Sampling: open the valve on the nitrogen branch and the valve above the needle assembly, allowing nitrogen to force the sample from the sample chamber into the bottle and purge the system.
5 – Off: close the valve on the nitrogen branch and the valve above the needle assembly. Remove the bottle retaining clip and take out the bottle from the sleeve. The septum reseals automatically to complete the sampling process.

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