BLC1 – Purge Type


  • Sampling from vacuum, low or high pressure devices or process lines
  • Sampling with a piston valve to ensure zero dead volume
  • Sampling for highly viscous liquids
  • Needle purge

Basic Configuration

Wetted Material316 SS
Sleeve Assembly 250 ml sleeve with bottle retaining clip
Needle AssemblyProcess/vent needle ID: 1.4 mm (0.06″)
Sampling ValvePiston Valve:
PTFE seat
Max working pressure: 1500 psig @ 70℉ (103 bar @ 20℃)
Temperature range: 0℉ to 450℉ (-18℃ to 232℃)
Nitrogen BranchNitrogen regulator
CV Series check valves, NB Series needle valves
Pressure Gauge
ConnectionsProcess: 1/2″ MNPT
Vent/purge: 1/4″ tube fitting

Typical Installation Mode

1 – Preparation

Place a new septum on the sample bottle. Insert the bottle with cap and septum into the sleeve until the septum is pierced by the needles. Swing down the bottle retaining clip.

2- Sampling

Open the piston valve, allowing the sample to flow into the bottle. When the required amount has been taken, close the piston valve.

3 – Needle Purge

Open the valve on the Nitrogen branch, allowing Nitrogen to force the residual sample from the system into the bottle.

4- Off

Close the valve on the Nitrogen branch. Remove the bottle retaining clip and take out the bottle from the sleeve. The septum reseals automatically to complete the sampling process.