RP Series

Purge valves are manual bleed, vent or drain valves. The knurled cap is permanently assembled to the valve body for safety. One-quarter turn with a wrench from finger-tight obtains leak-tight closure during initial installation. Tightening with a wrench ensures closure to the rated pressure with subsequent installations.


  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Bonnet crimped to valve body to prevent accidental disassembly
  • Working pressure up to: 4000 psig (276 bar)
  • Working temperature: -65℉ to 600℉ (-54℃ to 315℃)
  • Leak-tight performance testing with Nitrogen or compressed air for every valve at the maximum working pressure to meet the requirement of no visible leak.

Pressure vs Temperature

Ratings based on all metal seals. Ratings limited to:

  • -20℉ (-28℃) min with steel
  • 450℉ (232℃) max with SAE end connections using fluorocarbon FKM O-rings.

Standard Materials of Construction

Material Grade/ASTM Specification
Component316 SSBrassCarbon Steel
1 – Body316 SS/A182
316 SS/A479
Brass C36000/B16
Brass C37700/B283
2 – Spring302 SS/A313302 SS/A313302 SS/A313
3 – Poppet316 SS/A479316 SS/A479316 SS/A479
4 – Cap316 SS/A479Brass C36000/B1612L4/A108
Lubricant: molybdenum disulfide-based and silicone-based

When installing a purge valve, position the vent hole to direct system fluid away from operating personnel. Always open purge valves slowly. These valves contain no packing, so some fluid weep age will occur when the valves are opened. Operating personnel must protect themselves from exposure to system fluids.

Standard thread pitch for metric threads are as follows:

  • M10 and below: 1 mm
  • M12 to M24: 1.5 mm
  • M27 and above: 2 mm

Standard thread pitch should be omitted in the ordering number, others should be specified.

Cleaning and Packaging:

  • FC-01: standard cleaning and packaging for general industrial procedures
  • FC-02: special cleaning and packaging for wetted system components to ensure compliance with product cleanliness requirement of ASTM G93 Level C.

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