LD-90 is a professional industrial grade, gas leak detector fluid which is completely non-flammable. LD-90 makes it possible to immediately locate any compressed gas or air leaks caused by corrosion, vibration, and mechanical faults. This will help to avoid dangerous, labour intensive and expensive gas leaks. LD-90 gas leak detector will detect mini leaks and leaks under low pressure. Ideal for checking the sealing on piping, taps, connections, and valves without discontinuing their operation. It is safe to use on metals, wood, glass, plastics and all gases. These gases include natural gas, air, propane, butane, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, CO2 and refrigerant gases. LD-90 gas leak detector spray is used to locate the source of a gas leak and bubble size indicates gas leak rate. Large gas leaks set off bubbles, while minor gas leaks produce foaming. LD-90 does not form combustible mixtures with other gasses. LD-90 is used on compressed gas lines, pipe line both plastic and metal, fittings, valves, tanks, connections, refrigeration systems, plumbers, gas utilities, and canisters.

CT-90 is specially formulated cutting, tapping, reaming and drilling lubricant fluid which will not breakdown under extreme pressure. A coating of CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid will allow sward and cut chips of metal to be removed by the cutting tool with less friction. CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid requires less effort when cutting is required for even the hardest metals. CT-90 improves the surface finish and cutting times are reduced. CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid has been formulated to be suitable for all types of steels and ceramics, even high tensile steels. CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid is suitable for both machine and hand operation. Use CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid while threading pipe work to reduce the risk of thread wall deformation. If you apply CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid during the drilling operation, CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid will increase drilling efficiency and prolong drill bit life.

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