The UK government announced in September that it has its eyes on becoming a hydrogen-powered world leader.

Hydrogen powered means zero-emissions and reduced carbon footprint, and as it is burned with oxygen meaning there is no need for concern on scarcity. Hydrogen-powered and fuel cell buses are becoming the norm, cars which were built as hybrids are now becoming fully ran and dependant on hydrogen. It is not just the UK, but other countries worldwide including China, and South Korea are pushing to move to hydrogen. The future is hydrogen.

In July, NVFCL announced that FITOK had received EC-79 certification for their 6 Series Tube Fittings and 20D Series Tube Fitting ranges. The EC-79 certification means that these product ranges meet the regulations set by the European Parliament and Council to be used to build, manufacture and power hydrogen-powered vehicles. As of right now, this is the de facto standard for hydrogen-related production. FITOK is one of the few manufacturers to have EC-79 certification, and NVFCL is the only authorised distributor for FITOK in UK and Ireland.

The 6 Series Tube Fittings is for systems up to 35 MPa which covers lorries, and the 20D Series Tube Fittings is for systems up to 70 MPa which covers passenger cars. To obtain approvals, these product ranges went through rigorous testing according to Regulation EU No 406/2010 to verify their compliance with Regulation EC No 79/2009.

To enquire about the 6 Series Tube Fittings or 20D Series Tube Fittings range or find out more about EC-79 please get in touch either through our email or phone.