The NVFCL name and logo is now protected by UK Trade Mark Number UK00003900370.

The mark has been registered in respect of:

Class 6: Metal tubing, metal screws, bolts, nuts and fasteners , metal water pipe valves for
gas and fluid systems.

Class 7: Valves, machine coupling and transmission application engineering for using gas
and fluids in gas and fluid systems .

Class 11: Application engineering enabling gas and fluid utilisation of gas and fluid systems for
water control valves.

Class 37: Engineering of fuel storage systems, including fuel cells and the installation of these
in or at buildings used for fuelling vehicles and fuel storage systems.

Class 40: Custom manufacture of components used in hydrogen fuel systems of vehicles.

Class 42: Design and development of components used in hydrogen fuel systems of vehicles;
Engineering consultancy, engineering design services, engineering research and
application engineering for the design and supply of gas and fluid system
components, gas storage and transportation systems .

In the name of Northern Valve & Fitting Company Limited
Company number 07728694