NG Series: working pressure up to 3000 psig

NGH Series: working pressure up to 5000 psig


  • One-piece forged body
  • Easy external adjustments by packing nut
  • Live-loaded packing system
  • Handles of different colours available
  • Compact design
  • Panel mounting available
  • Every valve leak tested with nitrogen or compressed air at the maximum allowable working pressure
  • Working pressure up to: NG Series- stainless steel, brass, alloy 400 – 3000 psig (207 bar) NGH Series – stainless steel – 5000 psig (345 bar)
  • Working temperature: PTFE = -65°F to 450°F (-54°C to 232°C) PEEK = -65°F to 500°F (-54°C to 260°C)

Pressure VS Temperature

  1. Graphs are based on PEEK packing
  2. Temperature rating is limited to 200 F (93 C) max with PCTFE stem tip (soft tip)

Dimensions of NG Series

Dimensions of NGH Series

Connection type of FITOK means FITOK double ferrule tube fittings. When the connection type of valves is FITOK double ferrule tube fittings, the working pressures of the valves are related to the wall thickness of used tubing. For specific working pressure of the valve, please refer to the allowable working pressure in FITOK Catalogue Tubing. Connection type of UMB means rotatable metric tube butt weld. Sizes and types listed are standard. Other sizes and types are available upon request. Dimensions are shown with FITOK tube fitting nuts finger-tight. All dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change. For dimensions not shown above, please contact our sales team.

Ordering Number Description

For further information into this type of product or into the order numbers please contact our sales team: or call 01942601209