Bellows-sealed Metering Valves


  • Reset spring design with no backlash for precise, repeatable flow settings
  • Micrometre handle measures stem position in 0.0008 in. (0.02 mm) increments
  • Valves open to maximum flow in six turns
  • Metering and regulating stem tips available
  • Modular design to reduce maintenance cost
  • Slotted handle tops enable adjustment with a screwdriver
  • Lock screw secures flow settings

Technical Data

Handle Temperature Gradient

Stem Tip Temperature ℉(℃)Handle Temperature ℉(℃)
600 (315)217 (103)
900 (482)316 (158x)

Flow Data

Factory Flow Settings

For valves with metering stem tips, with 10 psig (0.68 bar) inlet pressure and the flow rate from 10 to 15 ml/min, the handle is set at 0. Not intended for shut-off service. For valves with regulating stem tips, when valves are closed, after helium leak tested to a maximum allowable leak rate of 7×10∙⁷ mbar∙l/s, the handle is set at 0. Note: valves with regulating stem tips and welded seal are not recommended for shut-off service above 600℉ (315℃).

Dimensions, in inches (millimetres), are for reference only and are subject to change.

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