Instrument air in power plants and instrument gas sources in petrochemical plants are typically medium and low pressure gas pipelines. Normally, the media in this medium and low pressure gas pipeline is compressed air or nitrogen with pressure≤10MPa at room temperature. Typical applications of source ball valves in methane cryogenic separation devices, sulfur recovery devices, methanol synthesis devices and MTO methanol rectification devices for methanol production plants.

Need a high-quality ball valve with compact structure, large flow, small size and light weight, while taking into account the demands of low cost?

The FITOK BR series ball valve is specially designed for these working conditions, which perfectly matches the needs of cost and application. Through structural design and optimization of sealing materials, the upgraded BRC series ball valve can be used in applications with lower temperatures, 65°F (-54°C), and higher pressures, 2000psig (138 bar), in related supporting facilities such as gas allocation systems and metering systems for natural gas transportation pipelines.


  • Free floating ball design for seat wear compensation
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Low operating torque
  • Blowout proof stem
  • A variety of end connections available
  • Handle material and colour options available
  • Locking device optional
  • Cv up to 17.35
  • Leak-tight performance tested with nitrogen or compressed air for every valve at the rated pressure to meet the requirement of no visible leak

Technical Data


FITOK BR and BRC series ball valves are used in natural gas, nitrogen, air, biogas and other gases application.
They are often used for general purposes in various working conditions and dashboards, such as electric power, chemical, petrochemical, natural gas, smelting, fuel pipelines, etc.

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