Fusible plugs are pressure relief devices consisting of the body and the eutectic alloy. The eutectic alloy has a specific melting point. When the plug is exposed to temperature at or above this melting point, the eutectic alloy will melt and the pressure inside the plug will be released to the atmosphere for protection of systems.


  • Eutectic alloy is filled in the stainless steel plug
  • For liquid or gas service
  • Fusible plugs are non-reusable and disassembled pressure relief devices
  • Maximum operating pressure: Tested to 500 psig (3.4 MPa)
  • Temperature rating from 160℉ (71℃) to 281℉ (138℃) with 4 temperature ranges
  • Two types of end connections: Pipe threads and tube adapters


ItemComponent Material
1Eutectic Alloy
2BodyStainless Steel

Fusible Alloy Option with Different Melting Point

Melting Point ℉(℃)DesignatorColour CodeStamp
160 (71)160Black160
212 (100)212Orange 212
255 (124)255Green255
281 (138)281Red281

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