Flushing rings are required for flange-mounted and sandwich type remote if the danger exists that the process conditions and the geometry of the connection could make the medium into deposits or blockages. The flushing ring is clamped between the process flange and the remote seal. Deposits can be flushed away from the diaphragm through the holes in the side, or the pressure volume can be vented. Different nominal sizes and forms permit adaptation to the respective process flange.


  • Flange standards: ANSI B16.5, DIN 2526
  • Marked with standard, model number, series number

Material Specification

316 SS
316L SS
304 SS
304L SS
321 SS
ASTM A479/A182
Alloy C-276ASTM B574/B564
Alloy 400ASTM B164/B564
Duplex 2507ASTM A479/A182
Other materials are available upon request.

Installation Example

FR Series:

Straight Flush Ring, ANSI RF, with Weld Neck Flange

Straight Flush Ring, ANSI RF, with Socket Weld

FE Series:
Eccentric Flush Ring, ANSI RF, with Weld Neck Flange

Eccentric Flush Ring, ANSI RF, with Socket Weld

Cleaning and Packaging

FC-01: Standard cleaning and packaging for general industrial procedures.

FC-02: Special cleaning and packaging for wetted system components to ensure compliance with product.

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