NVFCL have just taken delivery of their new Sample System Demo case. We intend to make the case available for on-site meetings and presentations. We are also looking to host “Lunch & Learn” events in October (w/c 27th). If you are interested in booking your company for a Lunch & Learn event, please email sales@ If you would like more information in general on the sampling systems or a more personal 1 to 1 meeting, then please also get in touch where we will arrange for one of our Sales Engineers to visit.

Sampling systems, also known as samplers, are pieces of equipment used for representative sample collections from processes, pipelines and storage

Due to the growing complexity of the industrial processes, the need for products testing and analysing increases continuously, as such safety for the sampling process is taken more and more into consideration. Simple primitive sampling system have evolved overtime into safe and reliable closed loop sampling systems.

The FITOK closed-loop sampling system is separated into bottle and cylinder configuration according to the container. The difference of these two configurations are container form and sealing type:

  • Bottle configuration sampling system is sealed with an automatically sealed septum
  • Cylinder configuration is sealed by the needle valves equipped at both ends of the cylinder.