EV Series

If downstream line ruptures, the excess flow valve can stop uncontrolled release of system media. When the system is functioning normally, the working element remains in the open position. If the excess flow occurs downstream, the working element quickly moves to the tripped position to stop bleeding. When system pressure reaches balance through the bleed vent, the spring resets the working element to the open position automatically. The flow which goes through the bleed vent should be lower than one percent of the flow rate in the trip range.


  • Compact design for convenient installation
  • Working pressure up to: 6000 psig (414 bar)
  • Working temperature: -10 °F to 400°F (-23°C to 204°C)
  • Variety of end connections
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Leak-tight performance testing for every valve with nitrogen at the maximum working pressure

Temperature Ranges of Different Seral Materials

O-ring MaterialTemperature Ranges ℉(℃)
Buna N-40 to 250 (-40 to 121)
EPDM-50 to 300 (-45 to 148)
Fluorocarbon FKM-10 to 400 (-23 to 204)
Kalrez-10 to 527 (-23 to 275)
Neoprene-40 to 250 (-40 to 121)

Flow Data at 70℉ (20℃)

Air Flow

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