BH Series 2-way Electric Actuated Ball Valve


  • NPS:1/8~2
  • Medium working pressure up to 10000 psig (690 bar)
  • Medium temperature range: -65℉ to 450℉ (-54℃ to 232℃)
  • Quick on-off operation
  • Power source: 24V DC
  • Top indicator shows value status
  • Conform to industry interface standards: ISO 5211
  • Available factory assembled or in kits for field assembly
  • Output a group of passive contact signals corresponding to valve positions
  • IP67 rated and available with a variety of explosion-proof certifications

Electric Actuator Operating Conditions

1.Power Source

  • Recommended power supply: 24V DC

2.Working Temperature

  • -22℉ to 140℉ (-30℃ to 60℃)

3.Action Time

  • 2-way electric actuated ball valve actuator: 4 seconds
  • 3-way electric actuated ball valve actuator: 8 seconds


  • Factory lubricated for the life of actuator under normal working conditions


  • The actuator can be installed at any orientation indoors or outdoors avoiding direct sunlight or rain splash

Electric Actuator Operating Principle

The opening and closing operation is realised by DC switching volume output from external DC power supply and outputs a groups of passive contact signals corresponding to fully open or fully closed positions. Built-in overheat protection devices protects the electric actuator from overheating.

  1. The power supply voltage of the electric actuator is 24V DC
  2. Torque valve is obtained during test with dry and clean Nitrogen or air at maximum working pressure and room temperature ( if maximum working pressure is greater than 6000 psi, use water test as medium). Lower or higher temperatures, can cause increased operating torque. Different system fluids have varying viscosities, bringing about different levels of friction and affecting operating torque. Some lightweight oils may reduce operating torque. Dirty, abrasive, or highly viscous fluids may increase operating torque.

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