Valve Fittings are widely used in the oil and gas industry. Install grease fittings on the seats and stems of process valves to inject lubricant ensuring proper operation, or inject sealant to temporarily retard leakage and buy valuable time for subsequent treatment, in case of media leakage due to the valve seal is accidently broken. Packing Injection Fittings work under 10,000 psig to inject fibrous and plastic packing into the stem area, and Bleeder Fittings can quickly relieve pressure in the valve body. Valve Fittings are small components but can greatly reduce the maintenance work, however, sub-standard valve fittings may cause trouble to the valve operators.

FITOK valve fittings are designed in accordance with API 6A (Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment), and product quality is secured by FITOK’s strict quality management system. Products include Vented Cap Body Grease Fittings BSG Series and BHG Series, High Pressure Lubrication and Sealant Fittings LS Series, Packing Injection Fittings PIF Series, Body Vent Bleeder Fittings VFS Series, Internal Check Fittings ICS Series, and Fitting Accessories. All products are also available in materials that meet NACE MR0175 standards to ensure safety in sour environments.

with 20+ years of experience in valves and fittings, the dedicated research and understanding of technologies ensure the design of valve fittings is capable of meeting or exceeding the demand of your applications. To standardise the product name and to comply with the industrial usages and practices.

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