High purity diaphragm valves are mainly used in semiconductor, natural gas, photovoltaic solar, microelectronics, liquid crystal panel, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. They are applicable to conditions with ultra high purity gases, corrosive gases, toxic gases, flammable and explosive fluids.

FITOK has successively developed a variety of ultra high purity diaphragm valves based on years of industry technology accumulation to meet the high standards of the industry.


  • Suitable for ultra high purity applications
  • Metal-to-metal diaphragm seal to atmosphere for leak integrity
  • Radius junction flow design to reduce dead space and minimize contamination
  • Elgiloy diaphragm material with strong durability as well as corrosion resistance for long cycle life
  • Variety of handles and pneumatic actuators available
  • Choice of 2-way (straight and angle), 3-way and 4-way patterns
  • Custom manifolds available upon request


Quality Assurance

Class 100 Clean Room

Final welding, assembly, inspection and packaging of ultra high purity products and conducted in the class 100 cleanroom.

FITOK’s various ultra high purity diaphragm valves meet the stringent requirements of the semiconductor manufacturing industry for fluid system components.

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