FITOK Air Headers and Distribution Manifolds

Why use air headers?

Air headers or distribution manifolds are common components for air source distribution to distribute a single air source to multiple pipelines. Air headers (FITOK AH Series) are manufactured from tubing, and distribution manifolds (FITOK CM Series) are processed from bars.

Threads or flanges at the inlet ports connect with air source, and fluids are sent to the air headers by a pipeline and then distributed to each single instrument. With advantages such as convenient assembly, simple operation, easy maintenance and cost saving, air headers are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power and textile industries.

Typically, air headers have multiple outlets fitted with ball valves for isolation. When compressed air, steam, etc. contain water vapor to be discharged, air headers can be assembled vertically, and a drain valve (as show in the following figure) can be installed at the bottom to regularly discharge condensed water from the air headers to prevent water from entering the pneumatic instrument. Thus, realising the functions of air source diversion and distribution.

What are the features of FITOK AH series air headers?

Modular design of FITOK AH series air headers is a major advantage over the traditional air header structure.

NVFCL holds a good inventory of AH series standard modules to reduce the lead time.

How to select?

With modular design, an individual air header can be made up by several standard modules as shown above. FITOK air headers are available for sale as a complete set, or customers can order 4-outlet or 6-oulet standard modules separately. This not only makes in-line upgrade and maintenance possible, but also save time and cost significantly. Every air header is leak tested at factory with air or Nitrogen at rated working pressure.

Key information for air header selection:

  • Process conditions?
  • Connection size and type?
  • Is a valve required at inlet?
  • Outlet quantity? Is a valve required at outlet? Or valve with plug?
  • Is a vent port required? And is a valve or plug required?
  • Is mounting bracket required?

Regulatory Compliance

  • Pressure Equipment Direct (PED) 2014/68/EU
  • Atmospheres Explorative Directive (ATEX) 2014/34/EU
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS) 2011/65/EU

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