Month: May 2022

Hydrogen Applications

FITOK Specialised Products Contribute to Safe and Sound Hydrogen Applications To alleviate the global warming caused by accumulated greenhouse gas emissions, major economies in the world are committed to achieving the goals of “peak carbon emissions” and “carbon neutrality”. Hydrogen, as one of the clean energy sources to replace traditional fossil energy, whose applications are […]

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Needle Valves

NG Series: working pressure up to 3000 psig NGH Series: working pressure up to 5000 psig Features One-piece forged body Easy external adjustments by packing nut Live-loaded packing system Handles of different colours available Compact design Panel mounting available Every valve leak tested with nitrogen or compressed air at the maximum allowable working pressure Working […]

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Sampling Systems

Two kinds of optional sampling containers: Bottles and Cylinders System main body materials: 316 SS, 316L SS, 304L SS, ect Connection: 1/4″ Tube fitting, 1/2″ NPT Thread or NPS 1/2″ Flange Working temperature and pressure range Applicable process conditions: High-temperature, high-pressure, high-viscosity, corrosive, high-toxicity or environmentally hazardous liquids Various mounting types BL – Bottle Configuration […]

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