Month: April 2021

Build Your Safe and Efficient Compressed Air Lines with QCA Series Quick-connects

Overview FITOK QCA series quick-connects are designed for connecting high-flow compressed air circuits. Pressure release prior to disconnection eliminates the risk of dangerous hose whipping. Large orifice along with full bore design maximizes air flow and contributes to greater tool efficiency. Benefiting from unique internal structure and high quality materials, the quick-connects deliver reliable sealing […]

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“With pressure building, FITOK provides a subsea solution”

Subsea Robotics ROV’s, also known as remotely operated vehicles, are essentially underwater robots. ROV’s are unoccupied, highly manoeuvrable underwater machines that can be used to explore ocean depths and perform complex tasks, while being operated by someone at water surface. ROV’s are used to replace humans to increase safety and efficiency, where there is a […]

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VPR Series Steam Heated Vaporizing Pressure Regulator

Introduction FITOK VPR Series Steam Heated Vaporizing Pressure Regulator is designed to use steam to heat process media, it can be used to vaporize liquid or to preheat gas to prevent it from condensing. Users may disassemble the regulator and heat transfer components for easy cleaning and repair. Features Convoluted diaphragm design to improve regulation […]

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