Month: February 2021

Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Vehicles

FITOK 20D Series Double Ferrule Tube Fittings are qualified up to 20000 psi (1379 bar) and are EC-79 Certified For decades, Hydrogen has been safely used in a variety of applications, such as petroleum refining, glass purification, semiconductor manufacturing, fertilizer production, aerospace applications, as a cooler for powerplant generators, etc. New applications for Hydrogen are […]

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A Customized Approach for Your Sampling Process (Sampling Systems)

Overview A sampling system, known simply as a sampler, is a complete system for collecting a representative sample from industrial processes. Due to the growing complexity of the industrial processes, and the increased environmental awareness, the requirements for products analysis and the safety practices continue to increase. What used to be a very simple and […]

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CNG-Powered Vehicle (NGV) and Fueling System Solutions

FITOK Fast-fill Ball Valve for CNG Filling Station New ‘fast fill’ 3-way ball valveHigh-cycle lifeHigh-pressure Part Number: BFSS-FNS4-P-3DL-LTMax. Working Pressure: 6000psig (414bar)Working Temperature: -40~200℉ (-40~93℃) Better external sealing performance by using Hard sealing design for the port connections. Higher cycle life by using PEEK seats, Low temp, NBR O-rings and a special vent orifice Ease […]

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