"Bringing Service to Industry"

"There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."

- Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

Why Northern Valve & Fitting Co Ltd

Northern Valve & Fitting Co Ltd are an authorised distribution centre for the product range manufactured by the FITOK Group of companies. FITOK have started to be recognised as a price competative and service orientated alternative to the various well established manufacturers of similar products.

FITOK founded in 1998 has experienced tremendous growth and now manufactures and distributes its range of products on four continents.

We have a total of over 70 years experience in the supply of gas and fluid system components, working with some of the leading manufacturers of this type of product. After the companies inception a number of years ago we have been looking to find a manufacturer who could offer the things that were important to us and more importantly our customers:



With FITOK, we have found a blend of all of the above, each one crucial to the success of the other and the product, and it can compete with the perceived brand leader of fluid system components.

Customer service is the main focus of all FITOK’s operations, this is emphasised in their investment (and continual re-investment) in inventory. They will always try to ensure, that they do not let you, the customer, down by an unacceptable response to any request that you have or by an unacceptable delivery time.

The FITOK product range is split into four product categories:



We at NVFCL believe that the customer deserves the most cost effective purchasing solution and a commitment to service to make the process as smooth as possible with a win/win mentality between the supplier and the customer.

In addition to offering a competitive cost to a quality product with an exceptional service, one extra thing that Northern Valve & Fitting Co Ltd can add is


Our friendly sales team has excellent technical knowledge and experience, and would be very happy to quote for your requirements. No Request Too Big, No Order Too Small

Service, Quality & Price

Service - Customer focus, experience and integrity are our priority to ensure the services you receive will be of the high standards you deserve. we aim to develop long term commitment and close working relationships by offering first class customer service in terms of communication, technical advice, elimination of errors and reliability …
Quality - Constantly mindful of current and future customer needs, we are committed to achieving and continuously improving customer satisfaction through the provision of consistent products and services designed to meet or exceed our customers expectations…
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Price - We strive to offer the best all round value for money by being a low maintenance, multi product, high value supplier committed to cutting customers costs…
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